Dine in Gourmet

Dine in GourmetI will interview you at home or via email by assessing your likes and dislikes, special dietary needs, medical conditions and allergies. At this time, we can determine the amount of meals you will require and how often you will need my services. You will also select between fresh and frozen entrees and what method you prefer to store your meals.

Dine in GourmetI will create custom-designed menus based on our assessment. The menus are specifically designed to your requirements and for your culinary enjoyment. I have no standard menus, which allows me to focus on your preferences and use the freshest seasonal items.

Dine in Gourmet I will grocery shop the morning of your cook-date to ensure the highest quality ingredients.

Dine in GourmetI will prepare, label and store your freshly prepared food in the fridge or freezer with clear, concise heating instructions. I will use all of my own equipment, pots, pans, utensils and pantry items.

Dine in GourmetI will leave your kitchen clean and with no evidence of my having been there except for the aroma of the wonderful dishes I've prepared.

Dine in GourmetYou will feel renewed and relaxed with having fresh, delicious and nutritious food waiting for you at the end of a long day.

Chef Ann Marie is a proud member of APPCA
Dine in Gourmet