Dine in Gourmet

Gift Certificate:
Perfect for all kinds of gifts, such as shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday or thank-you.  Minimum of $100 and expires one-year from date of issue.  (Example: $100 G.C. includes groceries, preparation and delivery of 2 frozen entrees with four portions each.)

As the new couple returns from their honeymoon, have the freezer stocked to help them have more time to just relax and adjust to married life.

New baby
Bringing that new bundle home is one of life's greatest joys! But planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals takes time and energy - two things new parents don't have. Give them more time to enjoy their new addition, while eating healthy, deliciously prepared meals from Dine-In Gourmet.

Perhaps a loved one has fallen ill or has just returned from the hospital. Healthy, homemade meals, which are so appreciated, are one way to lend your support.

Housewarming / Home Remodeling
Nothing is more difficult than feeding your family or yourself when your kitchen isn't fully functioning. Give a new homeowner more time to unpack and decorate and less time in the kitchen.

Before heading off on weekend getaway, pack a cooler of meals to stock your fridge so you can spend all your time relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Or better yet, make sure your freezer at home is stocked so you don't have to run to the grocery store the moment you return from vacation.

Chef Ann Marie is a proud member of APPCA
Dine in Gourmet